The Future is Now

By now you will have likely heard of virtual reality (VR). It has been a topic of conversation regularly in the mainstream media over the last few years. However, less people have actually put a headset on and it is next to impossible to describe what it is like without trying it for yourself. SEEDTECH have been involved in building virtual reality environments since 2013 when the first Oculus Rift development kits became available and in this time, we have worked tirelessly with our research and development to improving the realism in our applications. At this stage, we are able to generate any environment, event or circumstance and plant you firmly in the middle of it. We can create the possible and we can create the impossible. The limits are only your imagination. VR allows us to deliver emotional experiences where before we could only hope for visual impressions.

The difference between VR and other types of media is that it feeds very rapidly into your consciousness. Within fifteen seconds or so, the virtual environment absorbs your physical senses and your visual and auditory capacity become entirely immersed in whatever reality you are experiencing at the time. It is unlike television in that if you turn your head away from what you are looking at, you are still in the simulation. You can look all around you just as you do in real life.

In our simulations, you even have a digital body and hands to pick things up with. You are no longer in the real world. You are in the world that we have created for you.