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SEEDTECH Studios offer a wide range of design services including 2D and 3D visualisation, fully interactive realtime applications, e-learning and simulated training. We work with a variety of clientele nationally and internationally in areas of architecture and construction, land development, heritage, broadcasting, energy and much more.

As a well orchestrated group of individuals, we continually enhance our skills and focus on simplifying complex material into clear and concise presentations through the power of design. We make it easier to visualise and share information, which in turn, aids communication and allows for a better understanding.

2D Plans to 3D Visualisations


Conceptual Design


Training Applications


Virtual Reality


From just your 2D plans we can create stunning 3D visualisations! From static renders to flythrough animations and fully interactive walkthrough applications, there are many ways in which we can bring your projects to life. Should you wish to visualise a single room or an entire building down to the finest detail, then we are here to help!



From residential builds, to commercial and industrial developments, we are on hand to take care of all your visualisation requirements.

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2D Plan Example



There are many ways to visualise your projects.

By condensing the options into 4 main categories we hope to make it easier to find a style that best suits your needs.


3D sections offer an exciting overview of your projects by visually cutting through the design to expose the internal components. This can be much clearer than a 2D plan for visualising layout options and gaining an appreciation of space and depth. In addition to the static render (pictured below) we also offer interactive versions that allow you to rotate your completed model 360° using a computer or laptop.



Static renders are often used to visualise a conceptual idea or to capture a snapshot of a design much like a photograph. A picture tells a thousand words and sometimes that is all that is needed to see a project in all its glory. Whether presenting to others or just for peace of mind, static renders are an exciting way of bringing your 2D plans to life.



Flythrough animations present virtual journeys through space. Once we have a textured 3D model of your project, we can then set up a tour experience. These are often returned as simple video file formats that can be viewed on multiple devices and shared easily.

Click the video below for an example of a flythrough animation.


Interactive walkthroughs are an extremely popular visualisation solution and it's easy to see why. Directly from your 2D plans we can create a 3D model that puts you in the driving seat allowing you to freely explore and make on-the-fly changes to your build using your home computer or laptop. Aside from the virtual reality, this is possibly the best option to truly experience your projects before construction begins.

With our built-in customisable option you have the potential of saving thousands by making the right decisions in a virtual world first.

Click the video below for an example of an interactive walkthrough.



SEEDTECH Studios are often approached by clientele with conceptual ideas of designs they are interested in developing. Despite not having any solid plans or a clear vision of the end result, we can help to start formulating a direction for the project using the ideas as a base point. By working closely with the client, we strive to assist them in creating a product that works for them and exceeds their expectations. A conceptual design often begins with the client submitting reference material to our design team, which in the past has included photographs, sketches, prototypes, notes, mood boards and precedents. Our aim is to help the client realise the full potential of their projects and allow them to express their ideas through a range of visual platforms.



Aside from our work in 3D and virtual reality, we also engage in 2D content development for e-learning and computer based training. Through a variety of innovative approaches, we can help transform traditional e-learning packages into fun, exciting and engaging learning experiences. In keeping with current forms of technology, we are now able to compile applications for use with desktop, VR Headsets, tablets and mobile devices.



Virtual Reality is an interactive 3D computer-generated world experienced through the use of a headset, which plays on the users senses to make them feel like they are there, mentally and physically.

Through our development, we are already creating fully immersive and interactive experiences that bring a whole new dimension to your projects. We are also developing solutions for Live VR Networking for shared experiences in learning and exploration.

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